Monday, September 3, 2007

hapily ever after?

As a child I could not wait until I was a ''grown-up". Watching my parents and all of there friends they made it look so easy. They got married young, had kids, and 20 to 30 years later they are still in love.

When I was a teenager I wised up and started to find that the life style of my parents and their amigos were living was harder to come by then I thought. I still believed deep down inside that I would fall in love and just know. Just know that was the person I was supposed to be with. Just know what I was supposed to do.

In college I believed that when you were in your later 20s early 30s life was honestly like "Friends" and "Sex in the city". You had an amazing group of good looking friends who were there for you no matter what. Romantic interests were exactly that interesting. They were also abundant. For a while my life was very much like this. Meeting people was fun and easy. While all of my romantic encounters were good looking they all lacked in the character depth department. However I overlooked this because of the booze and because I was shallow and all I cared about was looks. My friends were amazing and always around.

I found out that it is hard to know who your true friends are when every thing is going good. For this reason alone you have to appreciate when every thing is going wrong. This is the only time when you can be sure who your true friends are. The truth is that your true friends may not be who you initially thought or pictured. They may not be perfect looking like monica and rachel. They may not be funny or witty like Joey and Chandler. Or entertaining like Phoebe or Samantha. But they are the ones that are important. They are the ones that your did not appreciate until you had to. For these people you must be thankful of all of your misfortune.

Okay so I am rambling. So my life used to be very much like sex in the city. Now I am 24. I have a 17 month old. and I am alone (not really Jane my golden retriever is here) watching the bachelor with Chris ODonell. With all of this I have finally come to the conclusion that real life is not so much sex not so much city. It is more cleaning up spilt yogurt and going to bed early. Actually it is more like Jerry Maguire but with out the sappy ending. Yet... I guess I am still waiting for an ending to complete me.


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