Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Site Traffic vs Personal Traffic

This last Saturday night sulking in my newly found single dome, I was utterly bored. I went online and researched how to make more people read my blog. With in a few moments I was obsessed reading blog after blog about blogging. I know what you are thinking wow she has really gotten boring, but I was obsessed and could not stop for days.
The outcome of this story is a few things. First I wasted allot of time and got really no new readers then I already had. I am going to spend my time writing my blog then wasting time on my blog and letting it write me. So lesson there learned. The second thing is I started to wonder is what if I spent this much time on my personal life?
So I decide instead of working on my site traffic I would work on my personal traffic. But how do you do this? I know exactly what I want but I have no idea how to get it. I am a single mom I work form home and live in a small town. I am not going out on a limb here to say I was a slut in the the past but I will say that anyone worth dating in my circle I have already dated and gone through.
Okay so personal traffic. I know what I want I am just not up for sitting around waiting for it to fall in my lap. Now is the time for me to start being proactive and come up with a clear plan. I like plans.

Step 1: figure out where I should start... (that took a while)
Step 2: Make a list of good girl friends that are single also who will want to be wing men. If you do not have these find some that is what my space if for.
Step 3: Go to the dog park after work. I chose this one for a few reasons. One for the most part these guys have jobs that is why they are at the dog park after work. They can handle commitment and responsibility, hence the dog.
Step 4: Find a dating website. I know some of you might be nervous about this one I was. But how else are you going to find lots of guys that want to go on dates without leaving your home and getting out of your pjs.

This is as far as I could get. I hope it works let me know if you have any better ideas any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated


Chaim said...

Hrm. Just spent some time typing a thoughtful comment here and it seems to have disappeared. Here we go again:

I can totally understand what you are saying when you mention obsessing over getting new readers. I get through the same thing, and sometimes I have to put my foot down and stop myself.

You may be happy to know, though, that at least some of your efforts have paid off, because I made it here through BlogRush.

You can join all of the traffic searches you want, but there's no substitute for good content. Write good stuff, and people will come back. You seem to have made good efforts there, as I have just subscribed to your blog.

Have a good one, and I hope you don't have to clean up too much yogurt today :)

Get More Traffic said...

Hey, thanks for the MyBlogLog add! One quick tip, your blog is burning my eyes out. The colors don't work well but your content does.

So, keep up the great work, you'll get your audience with a little more attention to blogging like it was a business.

That means getting your own domain name, hosting, and setting up your blog with purpose to monetize it.

You've got great potential as a blogger, hope that you have the best day in your life! Seriously.

Grand Weepers said...

What you say is so true. You read a million "tips" and they all say a million things, and nothing at all. I just try to concentrate on writing quality posts, but either that doesn't work, or my posts aren't as good as I think they are.

Good luck.