Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Top ways to not get back with your asshole ex!!!

I am terrible at picking out people to be in relationships with. I am not going to start lying now. However many of my friends ask me time and time again how I can just break up with someone and not go back. So I am not trying to toot my own horn here but here I go. I am extremely good at breaking up with people. I know that being in love changes everything and is something that makes it harder when you break up with someone but just remember these few guidelines and they will help.

Think about all the uncomfortable times with his parents. Now you do not have to do this any more.

Ask your self if your mother would like this relationship if she knew everything about it.

Remind yourself of all the hot bachelors out there... George Clooney for example

Think about how shitty you feel now and multiply that times 1,000. That is how you will feel if you get back together and all this pain is drawn out.

Keep telling yourself "If we broke up once then there is probably a reason why"

Make sure you keep in mind his most annoying habits and keep replaying it in your mind over and over again.

Don't think about the good times in bed!!! When breaking up this is the single worse thing to do if you do not want to get back together. Instead try to keep in your head all the bad times in bed. All the times you faked it. All the awkward times you two were naked together, and all the strange places he has hair.

Keep thinking about your minutes and consider sighing up for a pay per text plan. now is not the time to throw away common sense. That asshole does not deserve your daytime minutes.

Replay every fight you had over and over again after a few days of this you will be happy you are single.

Think about all the movies/ TV shows that you get to choose for your self now. yes!!!

P.S Also a vibrator helps but you didn't hear it form me.


Lordmanilastone said...

I think these will surely work. I just pity women though who do not have the firm determination to call it quits. Whenever they give another chance to their ex-'s it just worsens the situation they are in. Only a few couples survive the second time around.^^

michele said...

ciao un grandissimo saluto da napoli! Italy ciao ciao